Cate Blanchett for InStyle Australia

cate blanchett

Oscar winner Aussie native, Cate Blanchett, glows on the cover of InStyle Australia’s June 2009 issue in a black embellished Louis Vuitton dress.  In the interview with Juliet Rieden, Cate shares her thoughts on fashion, family, and moving back to Australia from London in order to take on the joint directorship of the Sydney Theatre Company.  Here are some tidbits:

  • On dressing for the red carpet: “I love dressing up for the red carpet. It’s got to be fun, otherwise you’re just wasting your time. It’s not everyday you get to wear couture, so I do relish the chance to dress up.”
  • On her role as a mother: “They develop differently. You work as hard as you can to not only foster, but protect your children. You want to encourage and help them develop, but most importantly not to screw them up. And then there’s a large part of them – even from when they feed as newborns and the way they sleep as newborns, the way they’re born – that are latent, early manifestations of their personality. If you release those then they gradually become more and more defined.”
  • On how Australian women differ from other nations: “I’m not one to generalise, but I think Australians are deeply curious, probably driven by necessity and our geographical position in the world. We’re quite outward-looking, and I think we are very optimistic – not a dour nation.

cate blanchettcate blanchettcate blanchettcate blanchettcate blanchett

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