How-To: Diane Kruger’s Adjoining Braids

diane krugerDiane Kruger sported a cute and quirky hairstyle to the Cannes photocall of her latest movie, The Inglourious Basterds.  The haphazard hair do is perfect for summer because it’s so laid-back and carefree.  Here’s how you can get the look:

  • Apply a small amount of product to your hair to provide texture and hold
  • Slightly tease your hair and smooth it out with a comb
  • Create a side part
  • Begin on the thinner part of your hair and weave a loose french braid, starting at the top of your ear down to the nape and secure the braid with a hair tie
  • Do the same thing with the heavy side of the part
  • Combine the two braids and create a loose fishtail braid from nape on and secure with a clear elastic ponytail holder

diane kruger

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