Evangeline Lilly & Freida Pinto to be New L’Oreal Beauties

evangeline lilly freida pintoBeauties, Evangeline Lilly and Freida Pinto, have just inked a deal with L’Oreal to be their new celebrity spokeswomen.  The two ladies will be joining the likes of Penelope Cruz, Diane Keaton, Beyonce Knowles, and Eva Longoria who all represent the drugstore line.  

I guess all the rumors about Freida being the new face of Estee Lauder is all bunk.  Nevertheless, the Indian actress is thrilled to be part of the cosmetic family.  “I am very moved to be joining the great L’Oreal Paris family and all these personalities: a family I am proud to be part of,” she said in a statement.  

Lost star, Evangeline Lilly, said “it is a great source of pride for me to represent a brand whose ambition is to respond to every person’s aspirations to beauty and contribute to the fulfillment and well-being for everyone.”

What do you think of the latest additions?


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