Bobbi Brown’s Customize.Simplify.Organize System

bobbi brownBobbi Brown wants you be to your own makeup artist with her new collection, Customize.Simplify.Organzie.  The new collection, out in April, enables you to bring a customized palette of foundation, shadow, blush, and lip colors – all in one convenient compact – anywhere.  “It’s an easy way to take less, but have more,” said Brown.  I wish I bought this before my trip, since I have to lug around so much makeup, this would be have been such a space saver. 


  • available for a limited time in 20 different shades, including three new ones – Cool Beige, Natural Tan, and Warm Honey


  • Pink Coral
  • Plum Wine

LIP QUADS ($20) available for a limited time in three different quads

  • Rose (Peony, Brownie, Tulle, and Roseberry)
  • Pink (Pink, Cloud, Soiree Pink, Pink Beige, and Pastel Pink)
  • Coral (True Beige, Coral Pink, Guava, and Ball)



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