Look for Less: Jimmy Choo Glenys Sandals

jimmy chooThe Jimmy Choo Glenys Sandals are all over Hollywood right now.  They are total on trend right now, with cutout booties being all the range.  It’s in every fashionista closet or at the very least, on her wish list.  In fact, Nicky Hilton was wearing this very sandal the other day.  But alas, I don’t have a Hollywood’s actress or an heiress bank account – at least not yet :).  So I can only lust for the $1,036 shoes from afar.  

go janeWell, the fashion Gods must be smiling down on me, because I have just come across Jimmy Choo Glenys Sandals’s long lost twin.  The Go Jane Strappy Patent Zipper Decor Heels is practically near identical to the Jimmy Choos, but without the hefty price tag.  The Go Jane heels retails for $19.70 – that’s a savings of $1,016.30!  Think of all the other goodies you can get with all the dough you save.

nicky hilton

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