Product Review: Clé de Peau Correcteur Visage

During the daytime, more often than not, I go au naturel – my face that is.  A fact that stems more from my laziness than actual confidence in my complexion.  If I do wear makeup, it’s usually minimal at best.  I forgo foundation, opting to merely use concealer to cover up some unfortunate, uneven pigmentation (thanks acne!), a couple swipes of mascara, and some lip balm.  Therefore, a great concealer is an essential component of my beauty arsenal.

Upon the recommendations of various professional makeup artists, I decided to pick up a tube of Clé de Peau concealer to try for myself.   I immediately fell in love.  It was everything I was looking for in a concealer; it’s thick, creamy, luxurious, and moisturizing.  Best of all, it glides on smoothly, and it never creases nor gets cakey.  Most importantly, it provides an excellent flawless coverage.  It’s not surprising why it has won so many accolades as well as being a staple on the In Style’s Best Buys year after year.  And now it’s a staple in my makeup bag as well.

However, it does have some downsides.  First off, because it is so thick, you should use it sparingly.  So remember: blend, blend, blend.  When using as an under-eye concealer, because skin there is more thin, be careful not to over apply.  Secondly, the price.  A tube of Clé de Peau concealer will set you back a whopping $68.  Yes, it is quite pricey, but since a little goes a long way with this concealer, it really last forever.  That, in conjunction with the fact that it really does work, makes the concealer worth every penny.  Available for purchase at Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Barney’s.


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